Reviewing the so-called “Visigothic Symptoms”

New publication on Visigothic script!
Nueva publicación sobre escritura visigótica!

My latest article on the graphic influence from the “escrituras visigodas” into Uncial and Half-Uncial scripts is out:

“Towards a Review of the “Visigothic Symptoms”: Formal Writing in Visigothic Hispania”:


In a set of essays (Visigothic Symposium 4) intended to present a review of literary production in Visigothic Hispania, from the perspective of historical contextualization, it is of course fundamental to be able to date the sources we have with some certainty. As is usual, to trace the outlines of this basic corpus we begin from two premises: on the one hand, there is the surviving production, which permits a direct approach to the subject treated in the source and to its context; on the other, there is what has not survived but which, since it is mentioned in other works or its subject is a constant of the period in question, we must assume to have existed. By addressing both cases together, we should be able to begin to understand what was produced in the peninsula, who produced it, and to which specific interests it responded – the point of departure that makes it possible to carry out a study of cultural contextualization. What is missing will be as revealing as what is available or what we can suppose once was, reflecting the interests of elites and institutions both secular and ecclesiastical who, after all, guided the production. Therefore, in this essay, after some brief notes on what could have been in this vast set of literary documents, preserved or lost, I focus on a survey of the criteria that have traditionally been used to identify codices produced in Hispanic centers. That is to say, I propose here a review of the so-called “Visigothic symptoms,” paleographic aspects that have served to categorize certain codices copied in book hand, Uncial, and Half-uncial scripts as Hispanic production in centers within the Visigothic kingdom.


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Castro Correa, A. (2020) “Towards a Review of the “Visigothic Symptoms”: Formal Writing in Visigothic Hispania”, Visigothic Symposium 4, 2020-2021: Manuscripts and Editions, pp. 64-84.

This article is part of the Visigothic Symposium 4, 2020-2021. More here.

by Ainoa Castro

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