Background history


Mozarabic Liturgy (soon)

  • The question of a proper name: “Liturgia Hispano-Mozarabica” Mozarabic Liturgy, Visigothic, Liturgy, The Ancient Liturgy of Spain (TALoS)
  • Main Characteristics
  • Tradition A and Tradition B
  • History of the Liturgy
  • Spanish councils and liturgical legislation
  • Abolition of the liturgy and introduction of the Roman rite
  • The resistance to the Roman rite
  • Orthodoxy of the liturgy
  • Cisneros restauration
  • The role of Ortiz
  • The Mozarabic Liturgy used today in The Roman Catholic Church
  • The Liturgy of IERE (Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal) Anglican Communion
  • Liturgical Books
  • Manuscripts and fragments
  • Liturgical Chant and its challenges
  • Chants and Music
  • Musical notation and the Paleographic Problem
  • The Eucharist
  • The liturgical year
  • The celebration of Advent
  • Christmas according to St. Isidore
  • Lenten Celebration
  • Holy Week
  • Feasts of the Saints
  • The celebration of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God 
  • The Office
  • The Liber Psalmographus
  • Celebration of the Sacraments (Christian initiation, Marriage, Holy Orders)
  • Other rites (Reconciliation of a Penitent, Ministration to the Sick, Funeral and Burial)
  • Euchology
  • Structure of the prayers
  • The text of Antiphons and Liturgical chants
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