Summer posts: Recipe for a good Beatus #medievalbestsellerDONE

Which were the steps to make a Medieval bestseller like a Beatus? Take a look!

A long long time ago, that is, last winter when I just arrived in Toronto – Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, in my constant search for digital surrogates of medieval manuscripts in Visigothic script available without restrictions to use for my catalogue, I made a series of tweets about “how to make a Beatus In Apocalypsin” manuscript. Looking at several exemplars of this medieval bestseller, these tweets were helpful to define the structure of the codex, followed, more or less, for all the codices of this type preserved. For this summer I was thinking about posting something lighter than the posts I usually share, with more images than text, so recycling the Beatus series here is a good starting! For the next “summer post” I will more likely compile a Storify of Visigothic script initials, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one. 

[View the story “Recipe for a Magnificent Beatus” on Storify

The images are a mix of different Beatus, mostly from the Archivo de la Real Academia de la Historia (Madrid) and the British Library.


by A. Castro

[update: Storify closed so I have moved the collection of tweets here]

[edited 13/07/2018]

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